Location: Calverton, Nottinghamshire, England (SK6149)
Year: Comm. 1951
Time of Occurrence: Plough Monday
Collective Name: [Not given]


Plough Monday Plays
Nottinghamshire Countryside, Jan.1952, Vol.13, No.3, pp.7-8



{The Calverton play began:-}


"In comes I with a mop.
If you don't give us ought we will stop

Eezum Squeezum

"In comes I the Eezum Squeezum,
On my back I carry a beasom,
In my hand a whit leather pan.
Don't you think I'm a funny old man?"



"Mrs.F.G.Brooks of Calverton related incidents from Plough Monday activities in Calverton. The team of Players would burst into the house, and if they were not wanted it was a wise precaution to bring in all buckets, mops and brushes, or these would be taken."

Peter Millington's Notes:

Also given this article, in addition to the
South Scarle script:
"Although not relevant to Plough Monday, Mr. James Holloway gave us an interesting account of 'Harvest Home' at Blidworth.
'The workers rode back with the last half wagon of rakings, and the villagers threw buckets of water on them, and all sang :-
Ne'er o'er holled [hurled]
And ne'er stuck fast,
We've got our harvest in at last.'"

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