Location: Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England (SK7288)
Year: Col. 1913 to 1916
Time of Occurrence: Plough Monday
Collective Name: [Not given]


The Mummers' Play
Oxford, University Press, 1923, pp.246-247



{Enter the Fool at door.}


In comes I that's never been before
With [any number] actors standing at the door.
Some can dance and some can sing.
If you consent I will walk in.
In comes I that's never been yit
With my big head and little wit
My head's so great and my wit's so small
I can act the fool as well as you all.

{Enter King George.}

King George

In comes I King George,
A champion stout and bold,
I fought the fiery dragon
With my bright sword
And brought it to a slaughter;
By these deeds I won the King of Egypt's daughter.


In comes I Beelzebub:
On my shoulder I carry a club,
In my hands a wetleather frying pan:
Don't you think I'm a nice old man?

{King George disputes this and starts boasting, saying where he has been etc.}

{They fight. Beelzebub falls.}


Five pounds for a doctor.

[Another person]

Ten pounds to stop away.

{Enter Doctor.}


In comes I a doctor.


You a doctor?


Yes - me a doctor.


What can you cure?


The ipsy the pipsy the palsy and the gout,
Pains within and pains without,
The deaf the dumb, the blind the lame
And bring the dead to life again.


Just try your skill on this man.
There, he's dead enough.

{Doctor lakes bottle from his pocket. Beelzebub revives.}


You're only in a trance.
Rise up and take a dance.

{Everyone then performs the dance.}

{Then end as in preceding version.}


"Preceding version" is the Clayworth play in R.J.E.Tiddy (1923) pp.241-245. The end being a song.
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