Location: Pillerton, Warwickshire, England (SP2948)
Year: Col. 1913 to 1916
Time of Occurrence: [Not given]
Collective Name: [Not given]


The Mummers' Play
Oxford, University Press, 1923, pp.224-225



{Enter Marshall in a black mask with a broom.}


A room, a room, a rousty toust,
I'n brought my broom to sweep the house.
For me and all my jolly company.

King of Egypt.

I am the King of Egypt And Slasher is my name.

King of Prussia.

I am the royal Prussia King
Born to defend all Christian men.
I've fought my battles at home and abroad:
This is the truth upon my word.

{The Kings fight and Egypt is slain. Enter the doctor riding on a man's back.}


I am a doctor, a nable doctor,
A doctor of high degree,
Travelled thro' all hospitals In England, France and Wales:
And I can cure all sorts of complaints
Rheumatics, itch, stich, palsy and gout,
Pains in the belly, pains out.
Any old man or woman being dead three score years and ten
who takes one of my pills can rise and come to life again.

King of Prussia.

What 'ill you fetch this man to life again for?
Five shillings?


For five shillings? No!
I'll not touch your man for five shillings.

King of Prussia.

Then for ten shillings?


No: for ten shillings I'll not touch the man.

King of Prussia.

Then for a pound?


Now you talk a bit like it,
but I won't do it for a pound.
But for thirty shillings I'll try.

{He gives the King of Egypt a pill and draws a donkey's tooth. The King rises and fights again. In the midst of the fight Beelzebub enters.}


Step on Jack Finney.

Jack Finney.

I'm not Jack Finney. My name's Mr Finney;
Here come I who've never been hit
With my great head and little wit:
My head's so large and my wit so small
Yet I've brought my hurdy gurdy to play a tune to please you all.

{He fiddles and they begin to dance. Finally they all dance out.}


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