Nottinghamshire Countryside (1952)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Monday Plays [South Scarle and Calverton, Notts.]
Nottinghamshire Countryside, Jan.1952, Vol.13, No.3, pp.7-8

Describes the response to M.W.Barley's (1951) appeal for information on Plough Monday plays. Three replies are detailed;

The first is the full text of a Plough-bullocking or Morris Dancing play from South Scarle, Notts., sent in by Mr.J.G.Holmes. His letter is printed in full next to a photo of him. The text (116 lines) was collected during a follow up visit and includes detailed descriptions of the costumes. The play was performed before 1882 and featured the characters; Tom Fool/Bold Tom, Farmer's Man, Lady, Recruiting Serjeant, Dame Jane, Beelzebub/Belzie, and Doctor.

[Further recollections of Mr Holmes' childhood in South Scarle are given in J.G.Holmes (1952) - TD00589.]

The second reply from Mrs.F.G.Brooks mentioned Plough Monday at Calverton, Notts. Fragments of text include lines for Eezum Squeezum, and an unnamed character similar to Molly/Sally Mop at Mansfield.

Lastly, Mr. James Holloway described a Harvest Home tradition and song from Blidworth, Notts.

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Locations: Calverton, Notts. (SK6149); South Scarle, Notts. (SK8463); Blidworth, Notts. (SK5855)
Years: Com. 1951; Perf. before 1882; Publ. 1952
Subjects: Full Text; Photo; Plays; Plough Monday; Barley,M.W. (1951); Plough-Bullocking; Morris Dancing; Costumes; Tom Fool; Bold Tom; Farmer's Man; Lady; Recruiting Serjeant; Dame Jane; Beelzebub; Belzie; Doctor; Eezum Squeezum; I with a Mop; Harvest Home; Song
People: Mr. J. G. Holmes (Perf.); Mrs. F. G. Brooks (Inf.); Mr. James Holloway (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00032

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