F.Douce Collection (G.Ormerod)


George Ormerod (Col.)
[Cheshire play]
*F.Douce Collection, Ref.d.44, pp.204-208

The text (111 lines) of an unlocated play from Cheshire, copied from a proof copy of G.Ormerod's "History of Cheshire". Only an abstract of the play was published in the book's second edition. The play features the characters; First Captain [Introducer], Second Captain, Saint George, Bold Slasher, The King, Sir Guy, Doctor and Fool.

Index Terms:

Locations: Ches.
Years: Col. before 1834
Subjects: Full Text; Play; First Captain; Introducer; Second Captain; Saint George; Bold Slasher; The King; Sir Guy; Doctor; Fool; Ormerod,G. (1882 ?)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00285

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