I.T.Jones Collection (1982, A.Frett - a)


Mrs. Ann Frett (Inf.)
Radio Nottingham Phone-In: Ann Frett
I.T.Jones Collection, Com. 8th Jan.1982, Ref.L1-6

Mrs. Ann Frett from Nuthall rang the phone-in. Over 60 years previously she, her 2 brothers and 3 others used to do a play in Scotland that had been taught to them by her mother. It featured the King of Macedonia, Golashes and a doctor.

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Locations: Scotland
Years: Col. 1982; Perf. about 1922
Subjects: Radio Broadcast; Play; King of Macedonia; Golashes; Doctor
People: Mr. Idwal Tudor Jones (Col.); Mrs. Ann Frett (Inf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00567;
I.T.Jones Collection, Ref.L1-6

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