I.T.Jones Collection (1955, L.F.Milner - b)


Miss L. F. Milner (Auth.)
Kirklington, Notts & Edingley, Notts: Typed transcript of the scrap-book by Miss L.F.Milner [including text of Plough Monday play]
I.T.Jones Collection, 1981

Typed version of the transcript (Ref.K3-3, TD00617) taken down by hand on 28th January 1981 of parts of a scrapbook in the possession of Mr Ralph Brooke, Greetbourne, Southwell Road, Kirklington. The scrapbook is entitled 'Kirklington Scrapbook'. It was written by Miss Lillie Frost Milner in 1955 and appears to be the same as mentioned in Nottinghamshire Countryside, Winter 1958-59, No.4, pp.18-19. It is a hardback volume of about 30 A4 pages containing handwrittten descriptions of the village and local stories and customs. On the inside front cover is a note that the book was presented to St Swithin Church, Kirklington by Mrs Winifred Baugh and Mr David Hutchinson, the niece and nephew of Miss Milner, after her death in 1971.

The following information is given about Plough Monday:

" – the second Monday in January. The farm men of the village went the round of the village and acted a play in every house where they were invited in. They were given mince pies and ale, or else money. We, as children, were allowed to sit up that one night of the year in order to see the Plough Boys."

A text is given under the heading "Plough Monday Play as performed by Kirklington farm men up to the First World War." The text has 140 lines and has the following characters: Introducer, Tom Fool, Prince George, Recruiting Sergeant, Farmer's Man, Lady, Eezum Squeezum, Beelzebub, and Doctor.

Index Terms:

Locations: Kirklington, Notts. (SK6757)
Years: Perf. before 1914; Recorded 1955; Col. 1981
Subjects: Scrapbook; Plough Monday; Play; Full Text; Introducer; Tom Fool; Prince George; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmer's Man; Lady; Eezum Squeezum; Beelzebub; Doctor
People: Mr. Idwal Tudor Jones (Col.); Miss Lillie Frost Milner (Auth.); Mrs. Winifred Baugh (Donor); Mr. David Hutchinson (Donor); Mr. Ralph Brooke (Intermediary)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00618;
I.T.Jones Collection, Ref.K3-4

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