Kirk Hallam (SK4540), Derbyshire

R.Meynell (1957/58)

Rosemary Meynell (Auth.)
Come, Brave Bow Slash and his men [Three Derbys. Guisers' plays]
Derbyshire Countryside, Dec.1957/Jan.1958, Vol.23, No.1, pp.22-23,35

A remarkable article describing and giving the texts of three Derbyshire Guisers' (Guisering) plays, and fragments of a fourth. These are;

(1) Play performed about 1897 at Horsley, written down by Mr. Jim Burton of Lower Kilburn. The characters were No. One, No. Two/Bow Slash, No. Three/Doctor, No. Four/Old Belzebub

(2) Play written down by Mr. G. Gibson of Breaston, and performed in the Hilton district. It was taken to "locals" at Marston, Hoon, Hilton and Egginton on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The characters were Bulguyar, King George, Woman, Doctor, Belzebub/Bel-ze-bub, Mr. Miller

(3) Play performed at Kirk Hallam about 1907, and written down by Mr. James Carrier. The characters were First Guiser/Opener, King George, Young Turk, Princess of Paradise, Doctor/Doctor M.D. Brown and Betsy Betsy Belzebub

(4) Brief recollections of the authoress of Guisers visiting Coxbench from Holbrook performed sometime after 1918. The characters included, Prince, Doctor, Bold Robin Hood, and a Suffragette.

R.Scollins & J.Titford (1977)

Richard Scollins (Auth.); John Titford (Auth.)
EY UP, MI DUCK!: PART THREE: An affectionate look at the speech, history and folklore of Ilkeston, Derbyshire and the Erewash Valley
Ilkeston: Scollins & Titford, 1977, 0-9505292-2-2, pp.11-13

A miscellany relating to Ilkeston, Derbys., with an emphasis on dialect. A broadside ballad is reproduced, entitled the "Murder of Joseph Smith".

There is a chapter headed "'Step in King George and clear the way!': The Ancient mummers' plays of Ilkeston" This gives information about three plays;

Fragments are quoted from play collected from Mr. James Carrier, who performed the play at the turn of the Century around Kirk Hallam. It had the characters; First Guiser, King George, Young Turk, Princess of Paradise, Doctor and Betsy Betsy Belzebub. This appears to be taken from R.Meynell (1957/58)

The second play was collected from Mr. Alfred Harris, who performed the play in Stanley about 1920. It's characters were; Open Door, King George, Little Turk, Little Turk's Mother, Doctor and Jolly Old Man. The introductory speech is quoted.

Finally, there are brief notes about a play performed in West Hallam about 1890, and collected from Mrs. Beryl Body. Her father George Flint had been a performer. The characters included a Fool and Be-elzebub. The Fool's opening lines are quoted.