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This is an alphabetical index of sources sorted by primary author or collector, and then by year of publication or collection. Each entry gives basic bibliographic information. Click on the links for further details (most brief sources are quoted in full). N.b. Many sources are anonymous, so these appear either under the name of the publication (e.g. Nottinghamshire Guardian), or under the name of the source collection (e.g. M.W.Barley Collection). See also the Name Index for informants, etc.

F.M.E.W. (1923)

F. M. E. W. (Auth.)
LOCAL NOTES & QUERIES: "Plough Bullocks" at Bulwell
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 26th Jan.1923

J.W.W. (1924)

J. W. W. (Auth.)
*The Mummers' Play [near Ashbourne, Derbys.]
*Nottingham Guardian, 14th Jan.1924, No.21157, p.2 e

"Wanderer" (1917)

"Wanderer" (Auth.)
PLOUGH MONDAY [Plough Lights and plough trailing]
*Worksop Guardian, 5th Jan. 1917, p.6 b

"Wanderer" (1946)

"Wanderer" (Auth.)
TICKHILL'S TRADITIONS [Plough Blessing and Plough Monday]
Worksop Guardian, 18th Jan.1946, Vol.50, No.2773, p.3 c

"Wanderer" (1953)

"Wanderer" (Auth.)
Worksop Guardian, 6th Jan.1953, Vol.58, No.3136, p.5 f

J.Whitelaw & P.Barber (1980)

'Squire' John Whitelaw (Auth.); 'Bagman' Phil Barber (Auth.)
Who are the owd 'oss mummers?
*Nottingham Topic, Jul.1980

R.H.Whitworth (1896)

*Rev. R. H. Whitworth (Auth.)
Blidworth Registration and Parish Church Registers [Plough Bullocks play text]
Mansfield: J.Linney, 1896, pp.213-217

B.A.Wood et al (1983)

Brian Wood (Ed.); Charles Watkins (Ed.); Cathleen Wood (Ed.)
LIFE AT LAXTON c.1880-1903: The Childhood Memories of EDITH HICKSON [including Plough Monday]
Nottingham: University of Nottingham, 1983, 0-902031-89-9, pp.58-60

R.Wood Collection (1985, F.Foster)

Frank Foster (Perf.)
[Ploughboys' play from Woodborough, Notts.]
R.Wood Collection, Tape-recorded 4th Mar.1985

Worksop Guardian (1924)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
PLOUGH MONDAY: ONCE UPON A TIME IN NOTTS. [Plays in Worksop and North Notts.]
Worksop Guardian, 11th Jan. 1924, p.9 a-b

Worksop Guardian (1926)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Plough Monday: QUAINT CUSTOMS IN NORTH NOTTS. [near Clayworth]
*Worksop Guardian, 15th Jan. 1926

Worksop Guardian (1947)

[Anon.] (Auth.)
Worksop Guardian, 31st Jan.1947, Vol.51, No.2827, p.3 b

A.A.Wortley (1954)

Adelaide A. Wortley (Comp.)
A HISTORY of BINGHAM [Plough Monday]
Bingham: Bingham Church School, 1954, p.53