Display of a selection of folk play scripts.
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Website Upgrade, January 2021

A technical upgrade to Google maps has provided to opportunity to improved the Folk Play Scripts Explorer and the Atlas.   More >>

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Directory of Folk Play Groups

This is Master Mummers' comprehensive worldwide database of over 250 performing groups and their parent organisations. Entries include groups' websites, home towns, performance schedules, media links, and contact details. You can search by keyword, and browse by county or group type. Display formats range from simple tabular lists to comprehensive full records, as well as several options for maps. There is also a special list of the latest media links.

Folk Play Events

This is a list of forthcoming performances and tour maps that can be arranged by group, county or date. You can also search by keyword for groups, places and venues. All itineraries are archived for research purposes, and can be searched in the same way. Please notify your folk play events to us. If you wish, you can then embed your schedules back in your own website along with automatic links to the tour maps.

Electronic ERD: An Index to English Folk Drama

Compiled by E.C.Cawte, A.Helm & N.Peacock

This guide lists over 1,500 places where English traditional plays were performed in Great Britain, Ireland, and overseas, and is backed up with a bibliography of over 800 references. It is an updated version of the seminal book English Ritual Drama (ERD), first published in 1967. It includes a new Introduction, and searching and mapping facilities.

Folk Play Scripts Explorer

Working with a database of about 220 texts, the Scripts Explorer lets you:

  1. Find scripts by place
  2. Find lines containing specified words or phrases
  3. View all the variants of a line
  4. See the line in the context of its script, or...
  5. Display the full script
  6. Output interactive Google Maps
  7. Plot outline distribution maps
  8. Compare texts
Folk Play Atlas: Featured Map
Map of places covered by Alan Gailey's analysis of Irish folk play texts.
Map of places covered by Alan Gailey's analysis of Irish folk play texts.
Click on image for full size map & commentary.

Interactive Folk Play Atlas

Maps showing: Times of appearance, Actors' collective names, Play types, Coverage of collections, Script lines and characters, Text relations, Performance locations, and more...

Nottinghamshire List of Folk Plays

A comprehensive list of folk plays and Plough Monday customs that were performed in Nott s and neighbouring districts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform a folk play, and more...


Selected pictures of folk play performances


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