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Yarrow (1952) lan Yarrow (1952) Berkshire
London, Hale, 1952, p.252
Berkshire, England
Chieveley(SU4773)  No TextDoubtful Hero-Combat 
Drayton(SU4794)c. 1905ChristmasTextHero-Combat[Nb]
Yonge (1898) Charlotte M. Yonge (1898) John Keble's Parishes, a History of Hursley and Otterbourne
London, Macmillan, 1898, pp. vi, 176-81
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, England
Yorks.Evening Post (1923) [Anon.] (1923) Mumming Night in the Farmer's Kitchen
The Yorkshire Evening Post, 17th Jan.1923, No.1008, pp.6g-h
The Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Co. Ltd., Leeds
[Unlocated], England
Notts/Lincs Border  ChristmasTextHero-Combat + Dame Jane 
Yorks.Evening Press (1931) [Anon.] (1931) 6 ft Sword Dancers of the Dales
The Yorkshire Evening Press, 22nd Dec.1931, p.9de
The Yorkshire Herald Newspaper Co. Ltd., York
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Gayle(SD8789)c. 1880WinterFrag.Sword Dance[Nb]
Yorks.Folk-Lore Journal (1888a) [Anon.] (1888) Notes on Township of High Abbotside
Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal, 1888, Vol.1, p.10
The Editor (J. Horsfall Turner), Idel, Bradford
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Hardrow(SD8691) ChristmasNo TextDoubtful 
Yorks.Folk-Lore Journal (1888b) [Anon.] (1888) Peace-Egg
Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal, 1888, Vol.I, p.131
The Editor (J. Horsfall Turner), Idel, Bradford
Yorkshire - West Riding, England
Brighouse(SE1423)1962Easter and ChristmasNo TextHero-Combat 
Young (1817) George Young (1817) A History of Whitby and Streoneshalh Abbey, II
Whitby, Clark and Medd, 1817, pp.880-1
Yorkshire - North Riding, England
Whitby(NZ8911)1817Plough Mon.No TextSword Dance Visiting 
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